Oslo Roklubb anno 1940



Thanks for coming for the rowing intro. First of all, if you are willing to become a member please login to

https://mi.nif.no -> Menu: "new user"

and make an account.

Then when you have entered your page -> Menu: Membership -> "Find new Club" and search for Oslo Roklubb.

If you have problems with the registration you can also fill in this Form


The membership is 800 NOK for the year. If you help with Dugnad once a year the membership is 400 NOK (thats info for next year).


The plan is to meet up everyday at 6 am (for flat water) and 6 pm for the next two weeks (starting Monday).


Please send me your name and email addresses by filling in this feedback form: https://goo.gl/forms/hbWRZkDSML5aw1U23




Sagar Sen



Email: sagar@sweetzpot.com



Se video fra 17 mai





Forslag til områderegulering for Skøyen